~ Wesley ~



February 27, 2009

We said our goodbyes to Wesley today.

Wesley has been in our care since May, 2008.  We have battled his horrendous skin condition the entire 9 months he has been with us, as well as his skin that oozed blood when touched, his hips that were a constant problem, as well as a malady of other issues.  Lately, we were finding blood in his stool, and Wesley had become incontinent, leaking urine whenever he walked.  There was no more running and playing for Wesley, as it had become too painful.  No amount of bone & joint medication, skin & coat supplements, or pain medication would be able to cure the neglect that Wesley's previous owner dealt him.

We gave you our all... but it just wasn't enough.

Goodbye you brave young man.


Wesley has Massive Hair Loss - Skin Infections - Ear Infections


Overgrown Nails - Massive Skin Infections - Oozing Flesh - Bleeding


There is a Very Loving Westie Behind Those Eyes



  These types of rescues seem to always happen on a Friday, which makes the urgency even higher, due to the chance the dog may be euthanized instead of spending the weekend without any medical care.  But it could have been any day of the week - and it has been.  The phone rings, the sound of urgency in the voice of an animal control officer, and once again, we know that a dog is in urgent need of medical care.  These rescues can't wait.  They can't be postponed until a more convenient time.  Wesley needed immediate help.

Thankfully, our Vets are so understanding of these urgent cases.  They make time in their schedules for us.  When there isn't any time available - they find it.  We can't ever thank them enough for what they do for our dogs.

It is believed Wesley is 3 - 5 years of age.  He has been diagnosed with Demodectic Mange.  His skin is infected, as are his feet.  His nails are grossly overgrown.  Wesley has massive hair loss and ear infections.  One small miracle, he is heartworm negative.

The person that found Wesley, took him to her Vet.  That Vet wanted to euthanize Wesley.  Thankfully, the person took Wesley to a shelter that knew we would seek medical care for him, so they called us.

Wesley will be a long term foster.  His needs will be great.  But doesn't he deserve the chance to have a normal life?  We believe he does.

Wesley will be spending several days at our Vet, to make sure no other problems arise.  Then he will go into long term foster care until he is ready for adoption.

One more thing about Wesley...  With all the poking, prodding, skin scrapings, injections and medications, not once did Wesley growl.  Not once did he try to nip.  All Wesley has done is wag his hairless tail, to thank everyone for giving him the chance that he otherwise would not have had.

5-30-08:  We visited with Wesley again today.  He has a great attitude, but wants to leave the confines of the Veterinary Hospital.  We're hoping to bring him into foster care within the next two weeks.  At times, he has been a bit grumpy with some of the staff at the Vet's office, but everyone admits this is a sign of his heeling.  He is beginning to enjoy the once painful baths that he must endure to properly heal.  He is now asking to be petted and touched, something he would not have done previously, due to the pain.  There are a lot of people cheering you on, Wesley.  Get Well Soon!!!


Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. incurred veterinary costs of $1,187.52 in our attempt to save Wesley.

If you are able to help us retire this enormous debt, so we can help other dogs like Wesley, it would be so appreciated.



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