Torree (Then)


Torree (Now)




***We Told You She'd Be BEAUTIFUL!!!***

I know... I know... Not the best "looker" on the block. Well, if you've been through what I have, you wouldn't look like a movie star either!

Relax though. In a few weeks, I'll be all nice and furry and look like the rest of my Clan.

In the meantime, I'm sorta homeless right now, so ya think you might wanna adopt me?

Don't get me wrong. My foster home is great. But we all know it's just temporary. They have other guys and gals that need to spend a few days and nights here, so I'm trying to get out of their way as fast as I can.

By the way, ladies don't divulge their age, so I'll just tap my paw to let you know how old I am... tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. (Hey, That's not too bad!)

Can you overlook the bad hair day? If so, get in touch with my foster parents and come visit me!

See ya soon!

I've already had all of my necessary vaccinations and have been spayed. I've also had a microchip implanted and the Vet gave me a really good check up and said I was a healthy gal.

Scottie Kingdom Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. We prefer to adopt to families with past Scottie, Westie and/or Terrier experience, but realize this isnít always possible. You must have a secure & fenced yard.

We do not ship our pets. If you have that special place in your heart & in your home for a Scottie (or any of our other available Rescue Dogs), please be prepared to visit us in Dallas for an in person meet & greet session with our Available Dogs. If you have existing pets, they must travel to Dallas with you, so we can be assured that they will be compatible with the new addition to your family.

Please contact us at Rescue@scottiekingdom.com to receive an Adoption Application or for more information on our Adoption process.

Thank you for considering Adoption!