~ Maighdelin ~


We tip our collective hats to you, Maighdelin, and wish you a safe journey to the Bridge.

  Maighdelin was transferred to us from another rescue, so she could obtain necessary cancer surgery.  She had already undergone one surgery, but it did not remedy her problems.  It was determined that Maighdelin required double radical mastectomy's, which would have to be spaced out over a period of time, so she could heal in between the two surgeries.  Before taking such drastic steps, we explored other options, as well as keeping a careful watch on her.  But in just a few days, Maighdelin began coughing.  We took her back to our vet for more visits and more consultations.  X-rays were taken, and the problem was immediately seen.  Maighdelin had a golf ball sized tumor on her heart.  During the next 24 hours, we were considering taking her to a surgical specialist, or perhaps to Texas A&M for a consultation, but brave little Maighdelin had other plans.  She no longer chose to fight the ravages of this disease, and simply traveled to the Rainbow Bridge in her sleep, just 48 hours after being diagnosed with the heart tumor.

Dogs like Maighdelin find their way to us for help.  It's not always a good outcome, but in many of the cases, we are able to give them what they otherwise would not have had.  A chance.

Thank you to all of those that continue to support our rescue efforts so we can help dogs like Maighdelin.