~ Jasper ~




Jasper is one of ten West Highland White Terriers that were abandoned and left to die.  Refusing to be a statistic, Jasper fought hard against the odds, and has now found his Forever Home!

While it may be hard to fathom, all ten of these beautiful creatures were abandoned at an out of state breeding facility, with over 100 other dogs, and did not receive any food or water for almost a full week. The fact is, they were at death's door, with many not surviving their ordeal. When we were asked by the local Humane Society to help with their needs, how could we say no? They were transported to Dallas, and within one hour of their arrival, were in the care of one of our wonderful Veterinarians. Once any immediate medical needs were met, we began the process of cleaning up these guys and gals, giving them medicated baths and having them groomed to make them more comfortable. Feeding a high quality food was paramount, as was adding in liquid vitamins. All of them were underweight.

Now, with those days of August behind them, and nothing but a bright future to look forward, to, they are searching for that perfect home to call their own.

All have had their medical needs met, such as spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping, grooming, medicated baths to help clear up skin issues caused by lack of care, and dental cleaning, including the removal of diseased teeth. Some required treatment for Ehrlichia (a tick born disease).

The dollar amount underneath each photo, represents some of the medical costs involved with their care. The dollars we have spent, donít include foster care, transportation, food, bedding, toys, etc., only their medical care. But can you put a dollar amount on saving these lives? They certainly are all worth every dime and more!

Please consider sponsoring one of these beautiful Westies until their 'Forever Home' is found. While we will happily accept any donation amount, no matter how small, if you are able to sponsor one of the dogs for $250.00 or more, you will have the opportunity to name that particular dog. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a dog in memory of a pet you have lost? Or perhaps the name would honor a human family member? We're hoping the names will befit the breed and possibly be a reminder of their past, as well as a look to their future. Sponsoring a dog is not an adoption donation. It is a (tax deductible) donation to help defray the high costs of medical care for each of the dogs pictured.

Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc.

P. O. Box 551265

Dallas, TX 75355-1265

Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. is an Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Your Contribution is a Tax-Deductible Donation to the extent allowed by law.

If you are wanting to adopt one of these special West Highland White Terriers, please keep in mind their past. They have not been family pets, rather, they lived in cramped living conditions, being bred at every opportunity. While we have spent the last four months working with each of them, allowing them to realize that not all humans are so cruel, some may not be fully house-trained or may have accidents after being re-homed. Some don't even understand the meaning of 'playtime'. Some are quite timid at first meeting, but all of them are fully capable of giving and receiving love and affection, as any of their foster parents can attest to. They simply need the opportunity to be welcomed into a loving environment, and be given the chance at a new life.

Please open your hearts & your homes to these needy souls.

Contact us to receive an Adoption Application: Rescue@scottiekingdom.com

Additional photographs and further information regarding these beautiful creatures may be seen on our website:


All dogs adopted by Scottie Kingdom Rescue have had a full medical exam by our Veterinarian and have received all necessary vaccinations, in addition to being spayed/neutered and microchipped. Because we want to assure you of the health of our adoptable pets, we include a 30 day pet health and accident insurance policy, at no cost to you.

Scottie Kingdom Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. We prefer to adopt to families with past Scottie, Westie and/or Terrier experience, but realize this isnít always possible.

We do not ship our pets. If you have that special place in your heart & in your home for a Scottie (or any of our other available Rescue Dogs), please be prepared to visit us in Dallas for an in person meet & greet session with our Available Dogs.

If you have existing dogs, they must travel to Dallas with you, so we can be assured that they will be compatible with the new addition to your family.

Please contact us at Rescue@scottiekingdom.com to receive an Adoption Application or for more information on our Adoption process. Also, please take the time to visit our website www.scottiekingdom.com for further information.

We sometimes receive several applications on the same dog. Our goal is to place the dog in the best home possible based on his/her needs, personality and past history. Please note that adoptions are NOT done on a first come, first serve basis. Submitting an application does not guarantee the adoption of any dog. We are looking for the best possible home for each of our rescue dogs.

Thank you for your understanding, and for considering adoption!


Our organization offers 24PetWatch microchips, which include free registration into the 24PetWatch pet recovery service. For more information call 1-866-597-2424

This pet also comes with 30 days of pre-paid pet health insurance. For more information please visit www.sheltercare.com or call 1-866-375-PETS.