~ Farlan ~



  At just 10 weeks of age, Farlan is having, what could be, grave medical issues.  He is currently at our Vet, on IV Fluid Support.  Farlan has tested a "light positive" for Parvovirus.  We will be updating his status later in the afternoon today (July 25th), after the results of further testing are received.

UPDATE 7-26-07 / 8:21AM:  Farlan lost his battle at 8:21AM this morning.  His little body could no longer fight off the ravages of the disease.  He will be privately cremated and his ashes will be returned to Scottie Kingdom Rescue, to join the others that have traveled to the Rainbow Bridge before him.  Loosing any of our dogs is horrendous, but to loose a ten week old puppy is devastating to us all.

UPDATE 7-26-07 / 5:00PM:  We visited with Farlan this afternoon.  He's one sick little guy, but was sitting up to greet us upon arrival.  He is still on IV fluids and antibiotics.  The change in meds this morning have made a difference...  His temperature is now under control!  Despite the IV lines, we were able to hold him and we left some bedding with him so he would be around familiar scents.  Because of the drop in his fever, the Vet is holding off on a blood plasma transfusion.  Good news!

UPDATE 7-26-07 / 8:30AM:  Farlan's condition has not improved overnight.  He continues to have a fever, which is now 104.5 degrees.  He remained on IV fluids & antibiotics overnight, however, with no change in his condition, the intravenous antibiotic was changed to a different type this morning.  He continues vomiting and has diarrhea.  Farlan will be re-evaluated early this afternoon to decide if a blood plasma transfusion is necessary.

UPDATE 7-25-07 / 5:00PM: Farlan is receiving IV fluids with antibiotics. He has a 104 degree temperature and low blood sugar levels, in addition to abnormal potassium and protein levels. All of these findings lead us to believe he does have Parvovirus. Our Vets are working diligently to help this little guy.

While we never like to ask for help, the hard facts are, that we have been taking in more special needs dogs, more senior dogs, more dogs with serious medical conditions, in addition to the dogs that need heartworm treatment and other more "average" medical help.  Several dogs in our care were brought in from out of state, in order to save their lives.  The transportation cost alone is $300.00 for each of these dogs.  While we want to continue the fight for every Scottie & Westie that is in need, the fact remains, we do need your help.

Any Help You Are Able to Give Will be so Much Appreciated by the Dogs of Scottie Kingdom Rescue



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