~ Driscoll ~

Too Old to be Wanted


April 4, 2007

I've Been Groomed!




  We were recently contacted by an out of State Clergyman who had just surrendered a Scottie to a Shelter after the dog's owner had died.

No one in the family wanted "the old dog", and even the shelter was going to euthanize him because of his age and obvious skin issues.

Once we were notified of the dog's fate, we contacted another rescue group that we work with on an ongoing basis. They had contacts with this particular shelter and we were able to convince them to release the dog to us, in lieu of him being euthanized.

Driscoll was flown to Dallas on March 28th and was immediately taken to our Veterinarian.

His skin issues are due to flea dermatitis and are being treated with an antibiotic. He is also being fed several high quality meals each day, and is being given liquid vitamin supplements.

Both of Driscoll's eyes have cataracts. He is also suffering from glaucoma. It is doubtful that he sees at all, but we are scheduling an appointment with a Veterinary Ophthalmologist to see if there is anything they can do for him.

Driscoll also has an enlarged prostate. He is being scheduled for an Ultra Sound, to further evaluate this condition.

Although Driscoll is 13 years of age, we feel he deserves a chance. A chance for his remaining days to be healthy and full of love & happiness. He already has suffered the loss of the home he has known for all of his life. With your help, we're determined to make his remaining days as pleasant as possible.

Are you able to help Driscoll receive the medical care he so desperately needs? Do you believe he deserves a chance? Please help us, help him. We can't do it without you.


You may also donate by sending to:
Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc.
P. O. Box 551265
Dallas, TX 75355-1265

Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. is an Approved 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your Contribution is a Tax-Deductible Donation to the extent allowed by law.

We prefer to adopt to families with past Scottie, Westie and/or Terrier experience, but realize this isnít always possible. You must have a secure & fenced yard.

We do not ship our pets. If you have that special place in your heart & in your home for a Scottie (or any of our other available Rescue Dogs), please be prepared to visit us in Dallas for an in person meet & greet session with our Available Dogs. If you have existing pets, they must travel to Dallas with you, so we can be assured that they will be compatible with the new addition to your family.

Please contact us at Rescue@scottiekingdom.com to receive an Adoption Application or for more information on our Adoption process. Also, please take the time to visit our website www.scottiekingdom.com for further information.

Thank you for considering Adoption!