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* Caroline is Ready to Find Her "Forever Home" *

UPDATE:  10-21-06

It has now been 10+ days since Caroline's surgery.  She is doing very well and is able to go outside, run and play, all without the problems she previously had with exercise intolerance.  The surgery has completely repaired all problems she had.  She will not require any further follow-up visits.

Are you able to give Caroline the life-long home she is searching for?


UPDATE:  10-13-06 / 5:00PM

Caroline has arrived in Dallas and is being cared for at her foster home!


UPDATE:  10-13-06 / 12 NOON

Caroline has been released from Texas A&M University Small Animal Clinic and is now being transferred back to Dallas!  The final billing for her heart surgery is $2,508.00.


UPDATE:  10-12-06 / 9:25AM

Caroline rested well throughout the night, being carefully watched by Intensive Care Staff.  If all goes as planned, she will be released on Friday, for transfer back to Dallas!  Total charges to date:  $2,444.00


UPDATE: 10-11-06 / 12:30PM

The wonderful Cardiologists at Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic have completed Caroline's surgery.  She is resting comfortably.  The surgery was a complete success!  A "plug" was safely placed in the ductus arteriosus which will permanently correct the defect and allow her to have a full life!  If all goes as planned, she will be transferred back to Dallas on Friday.


UPDATE: 10-10-06 / 7:30PM

Caroline was transferred to Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic today for an Echocardiogram (Doppler Study).  The test revealed she has "PDA" (Patent Ductus Arteriosis).

The ductus arteriosus is a blood vessel that connects the two main arteries of the body ó the aorta and the pulmonary artery. This blood vessel is normal in the fetus, but shortly after birth, it should close. When the ductus arteriosus remains open or patent after birth, this abnormal communication between the aorta and pulmonary artery passes extra volumes of blood into the lungs.

Caroline will not live past 12 months of age without surgical intervention to correct this problem. Her Cardiologist believes Caroline will have a 95% (or higher) chance for a normal lifespan with corrective surgery!

Due to her current condition (enlarged heart + breathing difficulties + intolerance to exercise), the decision was made for Caroline to have the surgery immediately. It has been scheduled for tomorrow morning - Wednesday - October 11th.

The estimated costs involved with this surgery are $1,800.00 - $2,200.00.

Because of Caroline's young age and the positive prognosis for a normal lifespan, the costs involved to repair her heart are acceptable.

We are unable to cover these costs without your help. Please consider giving what you can to help Caroline.

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Today, October 10th, little 6-1/2 month old Caroline is taking a journey. She is traveling to the Small Animal Clinic - College of Veterinary Medicine - Texas A&M University - College Station, TX. She will visit with her Cardiologist and have a Doppler Study performed. Caroline has a high grade heart murmur which must be repaired in order for her to have a normal lifespan.

We knew Caroline had a problem with her heart when we rescued her. In fact, Caroline's cousin, "Colina", was in our care earlier this year with more severe heart problems. Unfortunately, Colina's heart was so severely damaged, she was unable to have surgery and she traveled to the Rainbow Bridge just a few days past her six month birthday.

We're hoping that Caroline will be able to have her life saving surgery, but the first step is to have the Doppler Study performed.

Please keep Caroline in your thoughts & prayers today.

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