~ Bonnie 2010 ~



Just One Month Old


Already Fighting For Her Life


  Just before Christmas 2009, we were asked to rescue several Scotties from a breeder who was retiring.  In the group of beautiful Scotties, was a pregnant female.  There was a lot of discussion between us and our vets about terminating the pregnancy.  In the end, we all decided rescue was about saving lives, not ending them, so the pregnancy continued and on December 23, 2009, eight Scottie pups were born.  The last pup to be born was Bonnie, the little girl pictured above.  She was decidedly smaller than the others in the litter, and also had trouble taking her first breath.  In fact, we had to pump her chest for almost a full minute before hearing the squealing sound of a newborn puppy.  Bonnie did well until she turned 2 weeks of age.  Then her weight began to regress and she became dehydrated.  We took her to our vet and they gave her IV fluids which caused her to bounce back.  But this didn't last long, and just a few days later, more fluids helped Bonnie rebound once again.  Then on January 25th, another vet visit included more IV fluids.  On the 26th, x-rays were taken to check for pneumonia, an injection of antibiotics was given, as were additional IV fluids.  We have been syringe feeding Bonnie to help with her nourishment and at one point, a feeding tube was used  by our vet.  Each time little Bonnie has bounced back and gained some weight.

But now, Bonnie needs more attention, more hand feeding, perhaps using a feeding tube again, to help her gain weight and thrive.  Tomorrow, January 27th, she returns to the vet to check her progress.  We're hoping and praying that there is progress.

Bonnie needs you.  We can't continue her multiple vet visits without your help.  We know Bonnie is facing an uphill battle, but at her age, doesn't she deserve the chance to live?  Please, if you can help, even in the smallest of ways, please use the PayPal Donate button below. 

Thank you for you help.  Thank you for caring. 

You may also mail your donation to:

Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 551265

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Veterinary Costs to Date:  $555.42

UPDATE 1-27-10  Bonnie returned to the vet this morning for additional evaluation.  Some of her medications were adjusted, and a new one was added.  She is now being fed by hand, every three hours, night and day.  Her condition is guarded, yet we hope to see her rally once again, as she has in the past.

UPDATE 1-27-10  4:00pm  Bonnie's temperature has dropped almost 10 degrees.  We are rushing her back to the vet. 

UPDATE 1-27-10  5:30pm  Bonnie cannot regulate her own temperature for whatever reasons, so we will do it for her.  She will be sleeping with a warm water bottle, that will be changed as often as necessary throughout the day and night, and her temperature will be monitored.

UPDATE 1-27-10  11:00pm  We have continued Bonnie's hand feeding, which she is accepting.  She is enjoying the warmth of the warm water bottle that she is snuggling with.

UPDATE 1-28-10  3:00am  Bonnie is being hand fed her next meal.  She does not seem to be doing as well.  We will continue to monitor her during the night.

UPDATE 1-28-10  6:00am  Her next feeding was given to her, but Bonnie is obviously beginning to show signs of distress.  We will prepare to take her to the vet's office when they open at 7:30am.

UPDATE 1-28-10  7:15am  Bonnie's struggle has come to an end.  She took her last breath, with her mom, a brother and a sister, all surrounding and comforting her till the end.  We wish to sincerely thank those that wrote words of encouragement, and donated to our efforts to help save Bonnie.  She touched the hearts of all of us at Scottie Kingdom Rescue, as well as the entire staff at the vet clinic.  It's extremely difficult to say goodbye to such a sweet baby girl as Bonnie.  She will be privately cremated and her ashes returned to us, where she will join the others that have traveled to the Rainbow Bridge before her.

Travel Well Sweet Angel